Welcome to Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Chrurch!

The Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church of Portland, Oregon is for everyone.  Realistically, we knew that everyone who walked through our doors would not become regular attenders or members. So, what does “a church for everyone” really mean?  Our fervent prayers is that everyone who attends would sense the movement of the Holy Spirit in our worship services, would find plenty of opportunities to connect with others, would find a way to serve and would feel very welcome.  We believe we are headed in the right direction in all of these areas.

In addition, our heartfelt desire and hope for our worship services is that they are always Spiritled and not performance driven.   Our desire is that we choose the sacred gospel music, drama, dance, and other methods to communicate as clearly as possible the truths which are being presented from God’s Word.   People learn by different methods and we seek to minister to everyone in a way which will enable them to grow in their relationship with God and with other believers.

If you have children (Bed Babies – 5th grade) or students (6th grade – college), they will be taken care of, ministered to, or will discover multiple ways to participate.

We encourage you to dress comfortably, whether that means very casual, “dressed up,” or something in between.  We know God doesn’t judge by what He sees externally, but by what He knows internally.

Come check us out as we move steadfastly forward in the worship and service of our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless You!